Incredible Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas and Makeover

I’m thrilled to share with one of our new and enhanced laundry room! I can not believe it’s been more than a month since I last shared any specifics about this room. We really couldn’t be more happy with the flip out. I find every excuse to visit this recently updated room in our home (our garments haven’t been cleaner;-RRB-).

We’ve been wanting to provide the laundry room a makeover for quite a long time now, and finally just had enough with all the space. It was not very practical nor aesthetically appealing. Having two boys we do a great deal of laundry (boys ‘ filthy ), and I found myself in the laundry room frequently daydreaming about what the room may amount to. So…using a great deal of assistance in my husband we left that fantasy into a reality (with a few hiccups along the means of course). Let us take a peek at our newest rustic farmhouse laundry room!

Lisa Martha